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What Interests You

West Virginia 4-H members have the opportunity to grow and learn about topics that interest them through 4-H projects. A 4-H project is a combination of hands on activities, record keeping, leadership, and communication opportunities.

A 4-H member selects projects to participate in each year when they enroll in 4-H. Each project area has corresponding project manuals, as well as some project areas have record guides. These materials are completed by the 4-H member, under the guidance of a project helper, over the course of the 4-H year.

Finished 4-H projects are typically displayed at a local fair or festival over the summer and fall months. A 4-H member will create a display or exhibit to represent what they have learned through their 4-H project during the year. 4-H members can earn ribbons, pins, monetary prices, and scholarships for their project work.

Youths who are Cloverbuds (ages range from 5 to 8 based on guidelines) do not complete 4-H projects. The 4-H Cloverbud program is designed to be noncompetitive and activity-based. It is meant to be delivered in a group setting, led by an adult or older teen member. Learn more about 4-H Cloverbuds.

What interests you?

West Virginia 4-H Project Manuals

  • 4-H Philosophy and Traditions
  • Birds
  • Charting
  • Designing Your Own 4-H Project (Self-Determined)
  • Exploring 4-H, your family, the world, or the arts (+ Leader’s Guide)
  • Make Reading Come Alive
  • News Reporter
  • Potatoes
  • Recreation
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Spring Wildflowers
  • Strawberry Harvesting
  • Strawberry Planting
  • Summer and Fall Wildflowers
  • This is 4-H
  • Trapping
  • Tree Identification