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Lawn, Gardening & Pests Learning Activities

Get educational activities for youth made to encourage interacting with the world, and learn about lawn, gardening, and pests.

Flowers being pollinated by a bee.

Be a Pollinator

This activity will teach you how to improve your garden’s bounty by hand-pollinating your squash plants.

Supplies to Be a Pollinator
A mess of earth worms on a table.

Build Your Own Worm Haven

This activity will walk you through the steps to building your very own worm paradise in detail.

Supplies for an Earth Worm Haven
Uncolored tomatoes and a stylized tomato.

Garden Calendar Coloring Pages

Download coloring pages (PDF) from our Garden Calendar.

A mess of plants sprouting.

Germinate Your Own Seeds

If you think of the word plants, it can help you remember what is needed: Place, Light, Air, Nutrients, they get Thirsty and most of the time we plant them in Soil (PLANTS).

Supplies to Germinate Seeds
A person waters flowers.

How Plants Take Up Water

In this activity, we will learn more about how a plant takes up and moves water throughout its system.

Supplies to Measure How Plants Take Up Water
Steps to Measure How Plants Take Up Water
demonstrating how to take a soil test

Test Your Own Soil Sample

This activity will walk you through how to sample your soil and send it in to be tested.

Supplies to Test Soil

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