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Garlic Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

Ingredients for garlic parmesan asparagus on cutting board

In the market for an easy, healthy veggie side dish? Look no further. This recipe combines asparagus with crowd-pleasing garlic and Parmesan flavors that will shake up your weeknight dinner or holiday meal.

Caprese Salad Kabobs

Ingredients for caprese salad kabobs on cutting board

Need a holiday appetizer that is stress-free and good for you, too? This quick and easy recipe is sure to wow your family and friends this holiday season.

Easy Apple Salad

Ingredients for easy apple salad

Looking to shake up your routine with some new holiday eats that are waist and wallet friendly? Give this easy apple salad a try. With only three ingredients, this simple recipe features fresh flavors that will break up the heavy foods normally found during the holiday season. 

Garlic Sesame Green Beans

Ingredients for garlic-sesame green beans on cutting board

Green beans are a fan-favorite during the holiday season, but it's probably time to shake up this classic side dish a bit. Give these garlic sesame green beans a try this year. This simple recipe requires minimal ingredients that boast big flavor. 

Spinach Balls

Ingredients for spinach balls on cutting board

With only six ingredients and four steps, this simple recipe will impress your guests at your next holiday party without leaving them feeling overly full. Whip this quick appetizer up for your next festive get-together. 

Best Grilled Chicken

Plate of grilled chicken breast by grill.

While we haven't tried all the grilled chicken marinades out there, we can say that this one is pretty darn good. Vinegar, mustard and garlic come together with citrus and a little brown sugar to make a marinade that hits on a lot of notes, especially when combined with the smokiness of the grill. If desired, save some in a separate, clean container before pouring the remainder over the raw chicken to marinate. Once the chicken comes off the grill, pour the saved marinade over for more flavor!

Grilled Vegetables

Plate of various grilled vegetables by grill.

Do you need a side dish to throw on the grill with your protein of choice for a weeknight meal? Want something filling to help round out that summer cookout? This recipe fills the need for a perfect, nutritious side that’s flavorful, especially if you add peppers and squash from your own garden or local farmers market.