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Beef and Potato Kabobs

Beef, potato and vegetables on skewer on grill.

This recipe is sure to satisfy on a warm evening where it's too hot to use the stove and you want meat and vegetables all done at once. The steak sauce makes a deliciously savory coating that enhances the flavors of everything, from the beef to the zucchini. Microwaving the potatoes before hand not only makes it easy to skewer them, but also expedites the cooking time.

Grilled Fish Tacos with Peach Salsa

Two fish tacos with peach salsa on plate.

This recipe takes a perfectly seasoned fish fillet, pairs it with a salsa that’s sweet, has notes of citrus and has some punch from onion and jalapeno, then wraps it in a warm tortilla for a dish that screams grilling and summer.