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Garden Calendar

Herb Appeal

The 2017 WVU Extension Service Garden Calendar is here, and we’re taking a different approach and shining the light on what some think of as an accompaniment and enrichment—herbs. If their historical significance isn’t enough to convince you they’re worthy of the feature, we challenge you to grow your own and savor their bright flavor, wonderful smell and vibrant colors.

In addition to the month-by-month features on these versatile and easy-to-grow plants, you’ll find tried and true advice focused around the “by the date” gardening tips that you’ve come to love. If you need some ideas about how to enjoy herbs, you’ll find you’ll find recipes from our Families and Health unit in the back.

The full-color printed calendar is available at county offices, and it’s packed full with extended information such as a varieties chart and garden pest management tips, to help you see the entire process through. You can also browse, download and print a black and white calendar and recipes from the web.

If you have gardening questions or want more information, please contact your county’s WVU Extension Service office.

Enjoy this year’s Garden Calendar!

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