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Youth & Family Learning Activities

Get educational activities for youth made to encourage interacting with the world, and learn about youth and family related topics.

Air Car displayed on table with flying WV and $-H Clover on sail

Air Car

Using a printed template, build a car that is powered by the wind!

A male and and female test balloon cars with a stairwell in the background.

Balloon Car

Design and build a balloon car to help better understand Newton's Laws of Motion.

A person observes germination and growth of bean plants.

Bean in a Bag

Students will observe germination and growth of bean plants in this simple activity.

Youth holding a beachball with the 4-H clover on it

Circle of Friends

This learning activity will help you examine qualities that you look for in a good friend. This is Activity 2 for the 2021 4-H Health Officer program.

A person holds a do-it-yourself flashlight.

DIY Flashlight

Design and build your own flashlight with a few simple materials that really works!

DIY Flashlight Supplies
The items to use to make an egg parachute.

Egg Parachute

In this activity, learn how to harness the power of physics and air resistance to make an egg parachute. 

Egg Parachute Activity Supplies
Egg Parachute Activity Steps
Grow Dinos

Grow Dinosaurs

Grow a polymer dinosaur to help understand how to record and interpret observations over time.

youth hands with a spatula stiring up a snack mix in a bowl

Listening Power

Boosting listening skills makes friendships and relationships better. This is Activity 3 for the 2021 4-H Health Officer program. 

Boy holding a Me Map

Me Map

This learning activity will help you visualize relationships that you have in your life. This is Activity 1 for the 2021 4-H Health Officer program.



Get your hands messy by creating the Non-Newtonian mixture of Oobleck.

Extension professional creating their pinhole projector by poking a hole in a piece of paper with a pencil.

Pinhole Projector

Create your own Pinhole Projector to view and experiement with the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!

Teen holding up and displaying Pocket Solar System created on paper register tape

Pocket Solar System

Create your own Pocket Solar System and test your planet knowledge!

youth holding up a handmade card that says "You are amazing"

Powerful Words

This learning activity will help you think about the power in our word choices and how we say them. We challenge you to create a Happy Gram with a helpful and encouraging message for someone in your life. This is Activity 4 for the 2021 4-H Health Officer program.

The items to use to make a rubber band car.

Rubberband Car

In this activity, build a four-wheeled car from random materials you likely have lying around your house.

Rubberband Activity Supplies
Rubber Band Helicopter

Rubberband Helicopter

Build a rubber band helicopter to investigate components that alter flight and help them understand the forms of energy involved. 

A boy interacts with a simple STEM machine.

Simple Machines

The simple machines video and associated lesson plan is brought to you courtesy of Engineering is Elementary. 

Six elementary youth sitting on bleachers with arms around eachother

Smart Relationships

This learning activity will help you think about the keys to smart relationships. Play the game, Smart Checkup, with the Health Officers. This is Activity 5 for the 2021 4-H Health Officer program.

A STEM activity making spoon catapults.

Spoon Catapult

In this activity kids will create a catapult that can launch a marshmallow or craft pompom. There are many different ways to make a catapult using these materials.

Spoon Catapult Activity Supplies
Straw Rocket

Straw Rocket

Design and build a launcher and straw rocket and then launch your creation. 

UV Beads

UV Beads

Make a UV bracelet to learn about ultraviolet radiation and investigate the protective power of sunscreen.