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Community & Economic Development

Building a stronger economy, one community at a time.

A strong economy stems from an educated, skilled workforce, vibrant communities supported by strong leadership and an interest in exploring all the state has to offer.

Community economic development is a comprehensive process that increases engagement and transforms the local economy - increasing wealth, well-being, choice, and economic resilience.

WVU Extension Service experts understand how all of these dynamic pieces fit together to form a thriving West Virginia.

The West Virginia University Extension Service employs an interdisciplinary approach to economic development:

  • we work alongside you to engage a breadth of community residents, non-profits, businesses, and political leaders;
  • enhance your community’s capacity to act and innovate through evidence based teaching programs; and
  • empower the community to take control of its economic development future.

Our programs use applied research, primary and secondary data collection and analysis, and tools and concepts from place making and design to help you better identify your community’s economic needs and missed opportunities.

We are also process experts that can help you transform data into action through facilitated community planning. Our work helps you identify and capitalize on your community’s unique assets, and generates long-term strategies, short-term projects and action steps to achieve your economic development goals.

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