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Local Government Technical Assistance

We're here to help!

It has been said that local government is the best level of government because it is closest to the people and thus can be the most responsive. Sometimes those local governments need help analyzing the situation or answering key questions before they can take the best action.

Equipping local governments — and local public officials — to better meet the needs of their citizens is the aim of the Local Government Technical Assistance program. The program offers training, educational materials and technical assistance to counties, cities and towns, as well as to groups that work with local governments, such as extension units, school boards, civic clubs, and community associations and organizations.

Technical assistance can be provided in administrative, operational or fiscal matters.

The program strives to:

  • Provide information and advice concerning local issues

  • Assist with the overview of administrative and organizational processes

  • Examine ways to improve local services


Program fees are negotiated based on project scope and time, as well as direct costs involved.

Please submit an intake form to start a conversation about the technical assistance services needed.

Local Government Technical Assistance Intake Form

For more detailed information on the Local Government Technical Assistance program, please contact our Extension Specialist, Michael Dougherty or 304-293-2559.