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Stability in all areas of your life is important. Navigate through all of life’s stages with trusted advice about parenting, finances, relationships and caregiving from WVU Extension Service experts.
ages and stages

Ages & Stages

Tips for tracking your child’s development

back to school parenting


Tips to help boost your children’s attitude, confidence and school performance

meadi use

Children & Media Use

Children’s brains develop quickly. During this time children learn about the world around them.

dad listening to teenager

Living with your Teenager

Strategies to make life with a teenager less painful and help parents (and teens) keep their sanity during this challenging time.


Making Co-Parenting Work

Tips and strategies for making co-parenting work

meal time

Meal Time

When family members eat together, they do more than build strong bones. They also build strong bonds.

parenting alone

Parenting Without a Partner

I don’t have a partner. How can I do this by myself?

african american family meeting with teacher

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tips to form a partnership with your child’s teachers

man and woman review papers with a teacher

Tips for Parents Attending School Meetings

Identifying the best way to help your child in school


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