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Meal Time

When family members eat together, they do more than build strong bones. They also build strong bonds.

Is your family enjoying at least one meal together this week? Don’t overlook the power of family meals. WVU Extension educators say that research continues to affirm the power of family mealtime. Eating together has positive influences on:

  • family communication
  • nutrition intake
  • new and old family traditions
  • childhood obesity
  • character and social development

Planning meals together is one way to maintain mealtime as a regular “our time.” Find more ideas from these articles written by WVU Extension Agents:

What are Kids Learning at the Table?

Retired Wirt County WVU Extension Agent Patty Morrison explains how much children learn just by eating meals with their family. They “observe and absorb” everything they hear from adults during this critical communication time, allowing them to pick up on important life lessons such as manners and social development skills.

Control Their Weight: Involve Your Family in Healthy Mealtimes

Avoid “portion distortion” by being a healthy influence on family members during mealtime as Retired Extension Agent Miriam Leatherman advises. Preparing and eating meals together can help families stick to the right portion sizes and

Try Easy Steps to Make Mealtime Meaningful Family Time

Make more than just a meal; make memories with family members during mealtime. The bonds built during dinner make families stronger.

Retired Jefferson County WVU Extension Agent Judy Matlick says, “Research continues to affirm that family mealtime builds strong family bonds while having a positive influence on family communications, nutrition intake, new and old family traditions, childhood obesity and character and social development.”