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Plant Disease

Growing isn't always easy. When plant problems present themselves, you can count on WVU Extension specialists and agents for trusted, research-based advice. Learn about common plant diseases.

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Extension experts help identify, prevent and find solutions to recover from stress, injury and disease in all types of plants. Contact the WVU Extension when your plants get sick.

Plant Disease Identification Guide

Cucumber anthracnose.

Managing Garden Diseases

Potato plant herbicide injury: symptoms of exposed growth regulator include wilting foliage.

Identifying & Preventing Herbicide Injury

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

Contact the Clinic

WVU Plant Diagnostic Clinic

G102 South Agricultural Sciences
Morgantown, WV 26506-6108
email Email Mahfuz Rahman
phone 304-293-8838 phone 304-288-9541

Monday - Friday | 8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Closed on WVU Holidays

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Active Plant Disease Alerts

AgAlert! Cucumber Downy Mildew and Anthracnose

Cucumber downy mildew (CDM) has now been reported from neighboring states (Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky). It is predicted that the disease can be in West Virginia, especially in the counties bordering other states, within a few days ( 

This is the best time to take preventative measures against this deadly disease. If cucumber plants are treated with either mancozeb (Manzate, Dithane, Penncozeb, Fore, Roper, etc.) or chlorothalonil (Bravo, Daconil, Fungonil, etc.) on a weekly basis prior to the arrival of the pathogen in your area, it can be effective in delaying the onset of the disease or completely preventing infections.

Read AgAlert! Cucumber Downy Mildew and Anthracnose

If you see or suspect a new plant disease outbreak that's not currently reported here, please contact Mahfuz Rahman with the WVU Plant Diagnostic Clinic or your local county Extension agent, immediately.

Expert Plant Disease Help

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