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Does having fresh honey at home sound sweet to you? Interested in providing beneficial pollination to your home garden or orchard? If so, consider yourself a potential beekeeper! Beekeeping is easier than you think.

Winter months let new beekeepers learn about starting their own colony, attend beginning beekeeper courses and join local beekeeping associations before the spring, when activity is at its peak. All of these activities are a must for any beginning beekeeper, as knowledge is the most important item in keeping honeybees.

To start keeping bees, you’ll need:

Find a local beekeeper association

WVU student taps University resources to build beekeeping business into success

<p>This frameset contains:</p> <ul> <li><a href="">Byrd's &amp; Bee's Honey Video</a></li> </ul>
Learn how Ritchie County native and WVU student Matthew Byrd worked with the WVU Extension Service to get started with beekeeping