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Pasture, Hay & Forage

West Virginia’s terrain is filled with grasslands and pasture that’s well suited for raising animals. Through connections with local farmers and a familiarity with the unique West Virginia farm landscape, WVU Extension Service specialists have knowledge in livestock production, forage quality, hay sales and pasture management.

two whitea nd brown spotted cows in tall grassy on an overcast day

Animal Nutrition


purple clover flowers close up

Forage Crop Establishment

pasture grass in male hand close up

Forage Quality


a sprig of grass gone to seed in a field

Forage Species

Cows standing in a lush green pasture amid blue skies with clouds, like a typical day in Appalachia.

Grazing for Appalachian Sustainability

various black and brown cattle in pasture

Pasture Based Livestock


various black and brown cattle in pasture on hillside in sun



hand holding seed

Recovering from Mud


pitch fork in dark soil

Soil Fertility & Fertilizers