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Occupational Safety & Health

Although WVU Safety & Health Extension offices are presently closed, NRC - WVU OSHA OTIEC (National Resource Center WVU OSHA Training Institute Education Center) is scheduled to resume selective courses in videoconferencing format.  Check the list of  available courses at the website

OTIEC Videoconferencing Courses

WVU has canceled in-person, classroom events through June 30, 2020. NRC-WVU encourages all students to continue to register for upcoming courses. In the event the course is cancelled, WVU Safety & Health will notify students of course cancellation two weeks prior to course starting date.  Course registration information will be used to communicate to students about upcoming courses in the event of cancellations. Register for OSHA courses at the website

Note: Outreach trainers must register for update courses. Outreach Trainers registered for update courses or those trainers whose authorizations expire during OTIEC course cancellations and closure will be afforded a 90-day grace period after classes resume to enroll in an update class.

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WVU Extension Service Safety and Health
Education and training are vital in jobsite safety for workers. WVU Extension Service experts provide safety and health training, CPR training and other safety and health-related services to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.