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Outreach Trainer Resources

10- Hour Construction Outreach Training Program Presentations

This past year, an Outreach Training Program Curriculum project team, made up of OSHA Education Centers Directors, developed training materials for the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Training Program. These materials are intended to replace OSHA “blue slides”. The materials are now available for use. Topics include cranes, excavation, materials handling, personal protective equipment, stairs and ladders, and tools.

These training materials are intended to assist you with 10-hour construction Outreach training. You are not required to utilize these materials. The knowledge checks are there to assist you with measuring your students’ progress. There are no minimum passing scores. The materials will be posted on the OSHA’s Outreach Training Program Web page in the near future.

Instructors Guide

Construction Stairways and Ladders
Construction Cranes
Construction Excavations
Construction Scaffolds
Construction Materials Handling
Construction PPE
Construction Health Hazards
Construction Tools

Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan - Stairways and Ladders
Lesson Plan - Cranes
Lesson Plan - Excavations
Lesson Plan - Scaffolds
Lesson Plan - Materials Handling
Lesson Plan - PPE
Lesson Plan - Health Hazards
Lesson Plan - Tools

Knowledge Checks
Knowledge Check - Stairways and Ladders
Knowledge Check - Cranes
Knowledge Check - Excavations
Knowledge Check - Scaffolds
Knowledge Check - Materials Handling
Knowledge Check - PPE
Knowledge Check - Health Hazards in Construction
Knowledge Check - Tools