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Safety Services

Safety Certifications

WVU Safety & Health Extension is excited to announce the development of three industry specific certificate programs. Participating students will have the opportunity to select a course track of General Industry, Construction or Oil and Gas and receive a corresponding Safety Specialist designation.

Safety Training

WVU Safety & Health Extension provides EPA approved LEAD and Asbestos courses, Continuing Education for healthcare professionals as well as annual Math Review & CSP Workshops.

OSHA Challenge Program

OSHA Challenge’s three stages guide Challenge participants from the initial planning and development process through the implementation of an effective safety and health management program.

WVU Facilities Management Safety Consultation

The WVU Facilities Management Safety Consultation Team provides and guides the Facilities Management Department on comprehensive safety services and directives pertaining to physical hazards compliance, programs, and training on the main campus, Health Science Center (HSC) and Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).

Occupational Safety & Health Consultation

Our industrial hygiene resources include Certified Industrial Hygienists, technologists, and equipment. Our staff is available to provide consulting services to identify, evaluate, and control occupational hazards. Our highly responsive service provided by a knowledgeable staff at reasonable costs will make a difference in your workplace.

Chainsaw & Tree Climbing Techniques

Timber Safe Program

Timber Safe Program is a logging safety  management program funded by NIOSH and SouthEast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention based in the University of Kentucky. WVU Safety & Health Extension oversees Timber Safe safety and health training, program implementation and evaluation. 


Agricultural and rural safety programming is provided to West Virginia residents in order to reduce and prevent injuries and illnesses in their work and living areas. Training and demonstration programs are targeted to youths, families, agricultural employees and employers, senior citizens, and emergency medical and rescue personnel.

Youth Safe Farm

The Youth Safe Farm program is an intensive community-based effort to educate and empower underserved Appalachian farm families to reduce farm injuries to youth. At regularly scheduled community meetings, youths and adults will learn and be empowered to employ graphic risk mapping to identify hazards to youths and propose controls and practices that will abate these hazards.


Safety & Health Research in West Virginia

For more information, contact:
Mark Fullen