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WVU Facilities Management Safety Consultation

The WVU Facilities Management Safety Consultation Team, located with the Safety & Health Extension provides and guides the Facilities Management Department on comprehensive safety services and directives pertaining to physical hazards compliance, programs, and training on the main campus, Health Science Center (HSC)Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and WVU Farms

The team identifies hazard activities and related safety control methods and designs for several safety-related areas including but not limited to: 

  • Fall Protection;
  • Confined Space;
  • Electrical Work;
  • Control of Energized Energy;
  • and various other safety topics. 

The team provides scheduled monthly and quarterly safety and health training to the WVU Facilities Management staff on an array of topics to ensure that knowledge of safety information have been communicated and implemented as related to the needs of the WVU campus. The S&HE Safety Consultation Team participates and provides guidance to the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and the Facilities Management.

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John Hyman

John Hyman

WVU Extension Specialist – Excavation & Disasters

phone 304-293-8842

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Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason

WVU Extension Specialist – Safety & Health

phone 304-293-3167

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