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West Virginia has an abundance of natural resources. From forests and grasslands to natural gas and minerals, our experts are well versed in how to ensure the state stays wild and wonderful for future generations while balancing the economic opportunities these resources present.
A hoary bat hanging upside down from tree branch


There are at least 12 species of bats in West Virginia. West Virginia bats range in size from the eastern small-footed myotis to the hoary bat.

Benefits of Bats


two female white-tailed deer, one runs away


female white-tail deer in a lawn area about to eat shurbs

Deer Damage

Deer damage and prevention
male and femal feral swine with young in a late winter grassy area

Feral Swine

What are feral swine?
Where to find feral swine
habitat including stream and wooded area


black and orange monarch butterfly on clover

Milkweed and Monarch Conservation

copperhead snake

Avoiding Snake Encounters

Meadow Vole



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