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Home Safety

woman wearing pink gloves holding laundry basket full of clothes

Avoid Bringing Disease Into The Home

Try these steps to lessen the chances of bringing the sickness home and putting your family at risk.

A person uses a shovel to remove snow

Shoveling Snow Safely

Snow shoveling is a vigorous task that involves a high level of physical exertion that can lead to physical injuries or heart attacks. Reduce the risk of injury or heart strain by safely shoveling.

carbon monoxide detectorplugged into wall outlet

Avoiding CO Poisoning

When power outages occur, using alternative fuel or electricity sources for heating, cooling, or cooking can cause CO to build up. This can poison people and animals inside a home, garage, or camper.

stacked firewood

Heating with Firewood

Many West Virginia households rely on wood to provide local, sustainable, and cost effective heat during the winter. For the best results, homeowners need to select and prepare their wood carefully.

person removing autumn leave from house gutter

Gutter Safety

Fall leaves can be beautiful, but can also cause problems for homeowners. Leaves and other debris can clog rain gutters and may lead to home damage in areas around windows, doors and the foundation.

Trick-or-treater's on a porch.

Halloween Safety

Ghosts and goblins aren’t always the scariest part of the Halloween holiday. Parents and homeowners often have to worry about the safety of their homes and families.

woman washing hands at the sink

Handwashing 101

While medical professionals have always known handwashing is the best way to stop disease spread, it has now become a top priority for many.

Watch a Handwashing Video
woman cleaning with yellow gloves on

Home Cleaning Safety

Home Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

home fire with responding firefighters

Home Fire Safety

When cold weather hits many West Virginians turn to alternative heat sources to cut costs. But those sources can spark real danger if not managed properly. Don't become a fire fatality statistic.

firefighter inspecting chimney fire

Preventing Flue Fires

When your family wants to spend time enjoying the warmth of a fireplace, it’s critical that your fireplace and chimney are functional, clean and safely removing smoke and gases away from your home.

Chainsaw cutting into downed tree.

Safe Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance

While a chainsaw provides a huge reduction in effort, it also can cause serious injuries, and even death, if the operator is untrained or ignores common safety procedures.

snowy roof

Snow & Roof Overload

Excessive snow loads can damage our home and farm structures. All snow is not created equal. Snow can have a range of moisture contents, and moisture content directly controls the weight the snow.

close up of tire on a snowy road

Winter Driving Tips

Before you head out during the winter, be sure to check the current weather conditions and forecast. Safe planning is a key factor in reducing risk when traveling in less than perfect conditions.

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