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Acid Mine Drainage

Learn about acid mine drainage formation and methodologies to control and treat (both chemical and passive) acid water and acid soils.

Acid Mine Drainage Guide

WVU Extension Specialists can help understand acid mine drainage formation and methodologies to control and treat water and soils.

A water treatment facility processing acid mine drainage.

Chemical Treatment

Get information about possible chemicals to use for treatment of acid mine drainage, the conditions where each chemical is most effective, and costs. Sludge creation and handling is also covered.

A passive wetland works to treat acid mine drainage.

Passive Treatment

Learn about various techniques, where and when certain types of passive treatment options can be used for acid mine drainage, as well as design considerations, costs, and treatment effectiveness.

A dump truck unloads a load of fill from a mine site.

Prediction & Control

Before mining, techniques can predict sulfide materials, and acid mine drainage pollution. Methods can minimize the exposure of sulfide minerals, manage the water, and to control the formation of acid.

Expert Acid Mine Drainage Help

Get assistance with and information about acid mine drainage.