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WVU Extension has resources to help residents learn the science behind large-scale horticulture and the art of sustainable garden cultivation and management.

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WVU Extension Service specialists emphasize the sustainability of agricultural practices and quality of life for all current and future West Virginians.

Guide to Horticulture in West Virginia

Tree with bridge grafting.

Bridge Grafting – Saving Tree Life Despite the Odds

A process to re-establish interrupted sap flow.

Aphids on plant stems.

Control Pests with Banker Plants

Supply a non-pest prey for parasitoids and predators to use as an alternative food source.

Elderberries hanging from wild elderberry plant.


Elderberries have been used for thousands of years, and two particular varieties are recommended for commercial production in West Virginia.

Magnesium deficiency expressed as interveinal yellowing and reddishpurple margins

Fertilizing Grapes

Increase annual yields, enhance grape and wine quality, and improve soil’s biological and chemical properties.

Heritage beans growing on poles with a barn in the background.

Heritage Beans

West Virginia has several unique, heritage bean varieties of both pole and half-runner types that can be grown and saved by gardeners and commercial growers.

Leaves showing iron deficiency in blueberry plant.

Lowering Soil pH

Most plants thrive in neutral to slightly acidic soil conditions. Most soils in West Virginia are slightly acidic, but there are still instances where there is a need to make certain adjustments for the good of the plants.

Propagation by air layering technique.

Magnolia Propagation

There are several ways to propagate magnolia trees, including by seed, clonal propagation by softwood cuttings, air layering, and seasonal grafting. 

Budwood in season.

Propagating Plants Using Budding Method

The difference between the two methods of budding is procedure timing and the amount of wood taken with the bud.

Shears pruning a bush.

Pruning Facts

Most homeowners struggle with understanding why, when, what and how to prune.

An apple hangs from a tree branch.

Rootstocks for Apples

Select the right rootstock based on soil characteristics, climatic considerations, desirable tree size, orchard design, disease tolerance and more.


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