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Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The Plant Diagnostic Clinic diagnoses all kinds of plant problems for homeowners, gardeners, landscapers, growers and farmers. In consultation with expert faculty, we recommend ways to treat or prevent the problems we diagnose.

How to Submit a Sample

Before you submit a sample, consider contacting your County Agent or a Master Gardener. He or she can diagnose many common plant disease and insect problems. If necessary, the agent or gardener can help you properly collect a submit a sample to the WVU-PDC. After the diagnosis, they can recommend control methods that are suitable to your location and situation.

How to collect a sample

  • Collect the whole diseased plants, plus healthy plant, if possible, include the roots. If a plant showing a systemic decline, the problem is likely originated from the root and root sample is a must. Collect more than one plant if they show various stages of decline.
  • Do not collect sample from a plant that has been dead for a while, dying or declining plants or plants parts make a good sample.
  • For plant identification, collect the whole plant, if possible, including flowers and fruit.

How to ship samples

  • Do not allow specimens to dry out or get too hot. Send specimens as soon as possible after collecting by placing in a plastic bag (sealed or zip-locked) and shipped immediately in a mailing tube or strong carton. Do not add moist paper or toweling in the plastic bag.
  • Refrigerate any specimens that cannot be shipped immediately.
  • Enclose the completed sample form and place them in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture and soil.
  • To ensure timely delivery, send samples early in the week.

Mailing Address:

WVU Plant Diagnostic Clinic
G102 South Agricultural Sciences Building
P.O. Box 6108
Morgantown, WV 26506


Dr. MM (Mahfuz) Rahman
Extension Plant Pathologist
& Director of Plant Diagnostics
Tel: 304-293-8838/288-9541

Complete the WVU Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic Form and then print a copy to send and a copy for yourself and mail to the address on the form.

Note: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer work well when filling in this form. Firefox works, but you may need to select a viewer if prompted.