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Business Retention & Expansion

Looking down a West Virginia town's mainstreet.

Asset-based community development begins by leveraging and building on a community’s strengths; economic development should follow a similar strategy.

Research shows that up to 86 percent of new jobs in rural areas are created by existing businesses in a community, rather than new businesses attracted to a community.

The WVU Extension Service Business Retention and Expansion program works with local economic development leaders and local businesses to identify the barriers to business growth, and to address businesses’ needs before they result in job losses.

Conversations with local businesses form the core of the BR&E program. By communicating with one another, the community strengthens relationships between economic development leaders, residents and the business community. Working together helps communities proactively address economic issues and the needs of local employers creating a more responsive, business friendly community and more resilient economy.

If you are interested in a Business Retention and Expansion project in your community, please submit our form to start a conversation.

Business Retention and Expansion Intake Form