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Leadership Development & Facilitation

WVU Extension Leadership Specialist, Kelly Nix facilitating a department meeting.

Community and Organization Visioning

Community and organization visioning facilitation for a community or organization encourages visionary, yet strategic thinking for improvement. Sessions can include developing a vision, mission as well as development strategies. Facilitation may also include community or organization planning and convening sessions.

Community Leadership Educational Programs

This program is a leadership development training series that can be used to develop leadership skills within organizations and communities on leadership-related topics. A variety of topics are covered including board roles and responsibilities, conflict management, effective meetings, leadership styles, organizational change and stress management.

Real Colors for Leadership and Teams

This workshop will help you discover your own personal strengths and recognize the strengths of others. The Real Colors® Personality Instrument is a simple, intuitive system for identifying the four temperaments, providing an effective tool for understanding human behavior.

Effective Facilitator Training

Mastering the techniques of meeting facilitation leads efficiency and results. This facilitation workshop delivers tools and techniques that are used immediately. Participants learn the principles of effective meetings that include how to build consensus, manage dysfunction and motivate to action.

Facilitation Scheduling Form

For more information about the facilitation programs offered through WVU Extension Service, contact Lauren Prinzo.

If you or your organization would like to schedule a facilitation session or training, please submit an application.

Facilitation Intake Application

Community Leadership Academy

An annual conference to help emerging and established leaders understand and develop community economic strategies that include collaboration, enhancing leadership skills and providing an understanding of current, complex issues affecting communities. For more information, visit the academy's webpage.

Community Leadership Academy