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Circle of Friends

This month’s challenge is about friendability. Is it the same as popularity? No. Friendability is having qualities that make you a good friend to others. Popularity is being widely admired, accepted or sought after. Sure, it might feel good to be popular, but popularity is not all it’s cracked up to be. Think about it . . .

What does it take to be a good friend?

Do you have a friend who displays these qualities?

Friends are people who are close to each other and share thoughts and feelings. Often, friends are the same age and gender, but this is not always the case. There are no physical ways to tell who will make a good friend.

Six elementary youth sitting on bleachers with arms around eachother Good friends:
  • Help each other
  • Don’t put each other down or purposefully hurt the other’s feelings
  • Respect each other
  • Trust each other and are trustworthy
  • Are understanding toward their friend
  • Are kind to each other

These are just a few of the many qualities that make a good friend. Can you think of other qualities that make a good friend? What qualities do your friends have? What qualities would you like to see in a friend?

Are friends important?

  • Having good friends can make you healthier. Friends are there to celebrate during happy times, help during hard times and provide support in daily life.
  • People who have good friends are happier and experience less stress than those who do not have good friends.
  • Friends can encourage each other to live healthier lives and kick bad habits, such as smoking, or start new healthy habits like exercise.
  • People who have good friends often have a sense of belonging and purpose and have a greater sense of confidence and self-worth.

How do people make and grow friendships?

Little Girl standing on a sidewalk with arms to chest, smiling

Being a good friend isn’t easy. Friendships take work on the part of both people to be maintained and to grow. One way to be a good friend is listening to your friend and asking questions about his or her life and interests. Good friends are positive, accept their friend’s opinions, let their friend have room to change and grow, are positive and respect their friend’s boundaries.

Friendships start when two or more people share an interest or have something else in common. They grow stronger when the friends are willing to put effort into the relationship, learn more about each other, and support each other at all times.

Let’s talk about what qualities make a good friend.

Activity Supplies

Here’s what you will need to join the circle of friends:

  • Ball
  • Video Recording Device
  • People to help you

Activity Steps

Youth holding a beachball with the 4-H clover on it
  1. Think about a friendship quality that is important to you that you want to share in your video.
  2. Recruit people to help you make the video. You need someone to film you and someone to pass the ball to you from out of the camera frame.
  3. Start filming and have the ball passed to you from out of the camera's view.
  4. Say loudly a friendship quality.
  5. Pass the ball out of the camera's view and end filming.
  6. Get creative and try different ways of passing the ball in and out of the video.
  7. Congratulations on joining the Circle of Friends!
Filming tips:
  • Film the video landscape (horizontal).
  • Pay attention to what you are wearing and make sure it is simple and appropriate. A 4-H T-Shirt would be great for this video!
  • Also, pay attention to your surroundings. What will be in the background of your video?
  • Reduce background noise by filming somewhere quiet. If you film outside, make sure it is not a windy day.

    Let’s Talk About It

    • What are the most important qualities that you look for in a friend?
    • If you asked your friends, what qualities would they say you show to them?
    • What friendship quality would you want to work on to become a better friend?
    • How can you work on strengthening that quality?

    Submit Your Activity

    two cartoon kids' heads with a book, scissors, music notes, squiggly lines, flying WV, and 4-H Clover

    With the help from a parent or guardian, tell us about what qualities you look for in a friend. Submit your video below, along with your answers to the questions. To receive a sticker this month, you only need to complete the four questions. The video is optional.

    All West Virginia youth of 4-H age* who answer the Circle of Friends questions will receive a 1.5" square vinyl 4-H sticker (while supplies last). There will be six activities in total, so make sure to collect all of the stickers!

    The random prize winner was Charlotte from Morgan County. She received $25 in Shop4H merchandise.

    *Participants must have turned five years old by June 30, 2021 and have not yet turned 22 years old.

    The 2021 State 4-H Health Officer program and activities are funded by the William Lewis and Marie L. Campbell 4-H Fund.

    Learn more about the 2021 West Virginia 4-H Health Officer topic - Healthy Relationships.