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Spoon Catapult

In this activity kids will create a catapult that can launch a marshmallow or craft pompom. There are many different ways to make a catapult using these materials.

Activity Supplies

Pantry Staples

    • 7 craft sticks
    • 5 to 6 rubber bands
    • plastic spoon
    • 5 marshmallows or other small, soft object to launch

      Activity Steps

        1. Stack five craft sticks together and tightly twist a rubber band around each end.
        2. Stack two craft sticks together and wrap a rubber band around only one end. Make sure that it is wrapped very tightly.
        3. Build a lever by opening the two craft sticks from the opposite end of the rubber band and slide the stack of five to eight craft sticks between the two sticks. This will create a fulcrum (pivoting point) that will allow us to shoot the marshmallow.
        4. Twist another rubber band in a cross to hold the catapult together.
        5. Slide the stack down toward the bottom as close to the rubber band in step 2 as possible without breaking.
        6. Place a plastic spoon on the open end of the craft stick and rubber band the spoon to the craft stick to secure it. The spoon will serve as a launching platform.
        7. Place a small, soft object, like a marshmallow or pompom, in the spoon.
        8. Push down on the top craft stick or spoon and release to launch your object.
          Official Lesson Plan