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4-H Clubs in WV

The West Virginia 4-H Club Program provides youths with opportunities to meet with other youths and caring adults in their communities throughout the year.

4-H club meetings are a place where you will learn new things, make decisions, share ideas and have fun! There are two main types of 4-H clubs:

  • Community Clubs - meet monthly to plan social, promotional, service, and fundraising activities for the club members. 4-H is youth led, which means the 4-H members select and vote on club activities. At the beginning of the 4-H club year, community clubs elect officers, which are traditionally president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter/historian, health officer, game leader and song leader. These club officers are responsible for planning and running meetings.
  • Special Interest Clubs (sometimes called SpIn clubs) - focus on a specific topic like horses, teen leadership, shooting sports or photography). Some Special Interest Clubs meet all year much like a community club, while others may meet frequently for a short window of time (for example - meetings once or twice a week for 4 to 8 weeks). 

Upcoming Special Interest Club Events

4-H clubs are offered in every West Virginia County. Contact your local county office to learn more about 4-H club options in your area, how to start a 4-H club, or how to volunteer with an existing club.

4-H Club Connections

An adult volunteer surrounded by 4-H'ers.

4-H Club Volunteers

Resources for 4-H club volunteers and information about 4-H volunteer award and recognition opportunities.

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Club Chartering

Find the list of the chartering requirement for 4-H community and special interest clubs.

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How to Join a 4-H Club

To join a 4-H club, members and volunteers must first enroll online in 4-H ZSuite.

How to Enroll in 4-H ZSuite