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How to Join a 4-H Club

Welcome to the world of West Virginia 4-H Clubs! We are happy that you have decided to join our organization and look forward to introducing you to all the opportunities that West Virginia 4-H can offer!

To join a 4-H club, members and volunteers must first enroll online in 4-H ZSuite.

How to Enroll in 4-H ZSuite

After completing the Personal Information and Waivers sections of the Enrollment Form, ZSuite will move to the Clubs section. Here you will select your 4-H club(s).

  • To add a 4-H club, click the green " + Add Club" button.
    • You will be given a menu to select your club's county.
    • Once the county is selected, a second menu will be provided with all of the club names in your selected county. In addition to clubs, each county should have a "Member At Large" and a "I am not currently in a club" option.
Screenshot of the project example for a 4-H member in ZSuite

If enrolling as a member, after adding your club(s), you will be asked to select a 4-H project. West Virginia 4-H offers over fifty different 4-H project areas. To learn more about 4-H projects, visit the 4-H Projects page.

Click the green " + Add Project" button.

  • You can search (ex. - sewing, art, beef cattle) or scroll to find the 4-H project you wish to select from the drop-down menu.
  • If you are not enrolling in a 4-H project, select 1. NO PROJECT/NONE

Once you have added a 4-H project to each of your 4-H clubs, you should be ready to select "submit".

Congratulations! Your enrollment is complete and ready for review by the county Extension office.

Find Local 4-H Clubs in Your Area

Contact your County Extension Office listed below for more information on the 4-H program and 4-H clubs in your community.