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Preston County 4-H

Did you know that in 4-H you can build rockets, learn photography, be a news reporter, raise small pets, do computer projects, go to camp and make new friends? Did you know that 4-H is for everyone between the ages of 5 and 21? That’s right, everyone! In 4-H you can learn leadership skills, be a mentor, and contribute to your community!

Experience what 4-H in Preston County has to offer

  • at different types of 4-H camps
  • at 4-H club meetings
  • in 4-H community service projects
  • in individual 4-H projects about topics you pick like computers, photography and more
  • on trips to places nearby and far away
  • on international adventures
  • in groups that work with helpful teen and adult leaders.

Come join 4-H and have fun while you discover who you are. For more information about 4-H and how you can join the fun, call the Preston County Extension Service at 304-329-1391.


Preston County 4-H Clubs

Teen Leaders
Teen Leaders is a program where teens have the opportunity to develop advanced leadership abilities through a variety of real-life leadership roles.

Cloverbuds (Pre 4-H membership) is a program for youth 5 – 8 years of age. Children experience 4-H through fun, hands-on activities that relate to the 4-H project areas.

Buckwheat Festival 4-H Project Exhibit List

County Camps

To be published in Spring of 2018.

State Camps

To be published in Spring of 2018.