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A free, educational program for West Virginia youths in all 55 counties

West Virginia 4-H is a club for kids and teens. But 4-H is like no club you’ve ever seen before.

Welcome to 4-H.

Across the globe, 4-H is world leader in developing youths to become productive citizens and catalysts for positive change to meet the needs of a diverse and changing society. Through a focus on the four “Hs” of head, heart, hands and health, participating youths will learn to develop life skills and knowledge, build self-esteem and positive values, become more active citizens through service and adopt healthy habits.

First organized in 1912, West Virginia 4-H has more than a century of experience in youth development. While 4-H programs of the past have focused on agriculture and farming, today’s 4-H programs are more diverse, exposing kids to concepts in science, engineering, technology, citizenship and healthy lifestyles through summer learning activities, camps and leadership experiences. Club members may also learn about higher education opportunities and even be eligible for scholarships offered by the WVU Extension Service.

Anyone between the ages of 9 and 21 can join 4-H with a parent or guardian’s permission. Younger kids, ages 5–7, who are interested in the practices of 4-H can start in the Cloverbud program, which focuses more on fun and social activities that set the stage for future learning.

To find a 4-H club or 4-H Cloverbud club in your area, contact your county Extension office.

Chartering 101—what if there isn’t a 4-H Club in my community?

If there’s space in a nearby community’s club, your child can participate in that club. Even better, start a club in your community! All you really need is a dedicated, caring adult willing to volunteer once a month.

All 4-H groups need to be properly chartered to be recognized as official and in good standing to operate 4-H programs and activities in the state of West Virginia. To learn more about chartering a 4-H club in your community, contact your local office of the WVU Extension Service.

Ready to Register & Join 4-H?

Step 1

The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website (think of it as creating a profile before you can order something online or use Instagram.)

Step 2

Once you create your member profile, WVU 4-H will approve it and you will be able to log back in and see the camp registrations on the dashboard.

The dashboard will look like this example screen shot:

An example dashboard from ZSuite.

Step 3

Here are the typical steps to register for a camp:

  1. Log in to ZSuite and select profile you wish to register under.
  2. Go to dashboard and scroll down to “upcoming events”
  3. Select which event you would like to register for by clicking “register now” in the event block
  4. You will see all members in your household who have enrolled in ZSuite. Click “register” next to the participant(s) you wish to register for the selected event.
  5. Once you click “register” fill out the information regarding the participating youth and click save.
  6. After saving, you will return to the registration page. Register the remaining participants, if any.
  7. When you have filled out the registrations for all participants in your household, click “submit registration.”
  8. Congratulations! You have registered for your 4-H event.

Once you create your profile in ZSuite you will only do that one time, they will have access to all of the state wide events hosted by WVU Extension 4-H Youth Development.

Need More Help with ZSuite?