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ZSuite: How to Re-enroll in 4-H

Welcome back to 4-H for the new year! Below you will find some resources to help you re-enroll in 4-H for the current year. 4-H enrollment must be completed each year to stay active in 4-H. Members and volunteers can be involved in multiple clubs, even in multiple counties.

Re-enrolling in 4-H is quick and easy with ZSuite. Most of your information is saved from the previous year. You will need to review and update information. Waivers will require signatures for the new year.

Log into Your ZSuite Account

Please note that ZSuite will periodically update their software to improve their product. You may need to reach out to ZSuite for assistance.

Steps to Re-Enroll in 4-H for the new year

1. Log into your ZSuite Household by entering your account's email and password.

Screenshot of the homepage for  There is a collage of images on the left and the ZSuite logo on the right with fields below to log into a ZSuite account

2. Select the Household Primary account and enter the 4-digit pin.

Screenshot of the household members in a ZSuite Account

3. Once logged into your Household Primary account, the Dashboard should automatically be displayed. All members, volunteers, and parents of the household should be listed with their current status - active, inactive, in progress, pending. You can open and close each household member by clicking on the ∨ symbols on the right side.

Parents do not have a status next to them. Parents do not enroll in 4-H unless they are a vetted 4-H volunteer.

Screenshot of the dashboard for a ZSuite Household Re-enrolling

4. If there are household members showing that are Inactive, click on the ∨ symbol on the right side. This will then open the information about that household member.

5. Click on the blue "Enroll Member Now" button to start the re-enrollment process for that individual.

6. The Personal Info section should be filled with information from the last year this individual was an active 4-H member or volunteer. Please review all of the information in this section and update information as necessary. If you cannot complete the enrollment at one time, there is a " Save for Later" button at the bottom of the form.

Screenshot of the re-enrollment form for a 4-H member in ZSuite

7. Once the Personal Info tab has been reviewed and updated, ZSuite will move to the Waivers tab of the enrollment form. You need to review the information in the waivers and update if necessary. All waivers will need to be signed for the new 4-H year. You can open and close each waiver by clicking on the ∨ symbols on the right side.

Screenshot of the waiver forms for a 4-H member in ZSuite

8. After completing the Waivers, ZSuite will move to the Clubs tab of the enrollment form. Here you will review your 4-H club(s) and select your 4-H project(s).

  • Your previous clubs should already be listed. You can remove old clubs, add new clubs, and change your primary club.
Screenshot of the club tab for a 4-H member re-enrolling in ZSuite

9. You will be asked to select a 4-H project for each club. West Virginia 4-H offers over fifty different 4-H project areas. To learn more about 4-H projects, visit the What Interests You? page.

  • Click the green "+ Add Project" button.
  • You can start typing in the 4-H project topic (ex. - sewing, art, beef cattle) to find the 4-H project you wish to select from the drop-down menu.
  • If you are not enrolling in a 4-H project, select 1. NO PROJECT/NONE

10. Once you have added a 4-H project to each of your 4-H clubs, you should be ready to select "Submit."

Congratulations! Your enrollment is complete and ready for review by the county Extension office. ZSuite should send you back to your Household Dashboard to see the pending member or volunteer on your account dashboard.

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