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4-H Volunteers

West Virginia 4-H Volunteer Opportunities

West Virginia 4-H offers opportunities that can give your child an edge in life. Our program provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for youths, adolescents and adults.

Caring Adults act as advisers and leaders for clubs, camps and activities. Each is selected, screened and trained by the WVU Extension professionals who guide the 4-H program.

Neighborhood Clubs give older and younger members a place to belong, a place to identify and a place to practice positive values, build leadership and have fun!

Special Events and Programs at the local, state and national levels support educational and developmental goals through camps, skill development events, exhibits, fairs and challenging contests.

Individualized Learning Experiences let each child choose from more than 100 projects to develop unique interests and skills and explore new ideas. Each project is developed by experts to help children learn by doing.

Leadership Development is nurtured with special emphasis placed on developing communication and decision-making skills.

Adult Volunteer Selection Process Code of Conduct

It will be the responsibility of WVU Extension program directors and Administrators to make sure that everyone that falls under the policy, must be in compliance before having direct contact with children. In addition, please review screening program staff members. “All adults who have direct contact, i.e., those responsible for the care, supervision, guidance, or control of a child, with visiting children be subject to an adequate and timely background check.

West Virginia 4-H Volunteer News

The words 4-H Volunteers and a 4-H clover surrounded by hands reaching out with hearts in the palms

Registration is now open for the 2023 4-H Volunteer Retreat! WV 4-H Volunteers, All Stars, Adult Leaders, and Alumni (18 years or older) who serve, or want to learn more about serving, as volunteers with the West Virginia 4-H program are invited.

The conference will be held  Friday, September 29, 2023 - Sunday, October 1, 2023.

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Camp Staff Volunteer Position Descriptions

Camp Staff Volunteer Position Applications

West Virginia State 4-H Camp Staff Applications are available. Staff applications are to be completed online. Each camp has an individual application with unique staff needs and questions, so a separate application must be filled out for each camp you are interested in staffing. If you are interested in serving at more than one camp, please use each of the appropriate links:

  • Application must be completed in one sitting. We do not have the ability for you to stop the survey, save responses and complete the survey at a later time.
  • All children or grandchildren of staff members must be registered as camp participants and meet the age guidelines of the event in order to attend.
  • Preference will be given to staff applications received by December 21.
  • Completion of the staff application does not guarantee acceptance as a staff member.
  • If selected to serve, you will be notified via the email you provided in your staff application.
  • If notified via email, you will be considered as a contingent staff member – pending completion of appropriate youth protection, volunteer and camp specific requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the online application process, contact the WVU State 4-H Office at or call 304-293-5871.