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Adult Volunteer Process

Adult volunteers play an important role in our 4-H program. They coordinate local community clubs and help plan and conduct local, regional, state and national 4-H events. More than 500,000 teen and adult volunteers in the United States share their time and talents with 4-H youth. In West Virginia, volunteers support tens of thousands of 4-H'ers.

The Volunteer Process

The WVU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program’s process for selecting fully-vetted adult volunteers consists of the following:

  • a completed and signed application for 4-H youth development program volunteers

  • interview with applicant (first-time volunteers)
  • signed  Code of Conduct

Protecting Our Children

Safeguarding children is our highest priority. This is reflected in the trainings that WVU has developed for all adults working with children and youth in WVU Extension events and programs. Positive Youth Development is the cornerstone of our youth programs, and this can only take place in a safe and supportive environment. We are excited to offer educational trainings in preventing, recognizing, and responding to abuse, free-of-charge, to all of our volunteers. We require this training of all of our fully-vetted volunteers working with children and youths, making Youth Extension Volunteers the best of the best. We hope you will join us in creating a culture that protects and educates youth and prepares them for future successes. 

These trainings are:

  • Child Abuse Prevention Training in accordance with the Board of Governor's Rule 1.7, Protecting Children Training - every three years
  • Title IX Training in accordance with the BOG's Rule 1.6 - every three years

Additionally, we keep children's safety our top priority by requiring the following background checks:
  • National Sex Offender Website - annually
  • Background check - every three years processed through vendor selected by WVU Talent & Culture
  • DMV check - annually, if volunteers are required to transport youth participants

Information gathered during the process will be kept on file in the WVU Extension county office and used to:

  • establish a system of recruitment and selection of qualified volunteers for 4-H youth development programs
  • match volunteers to jobs needed
  • provide basic accurate information, including correct name, email, telephone number and address, for each volunteer
  • identify areas for volunteer orientation and training
  • provide information that might be used to assist the volunteer; e.g., letters of reference, recommendations for awards, and recognition

It will be the responsibility of WVU Extension program directors and Administrators to make sure that everyone that falls under the policy, must be in compliance before having direct contact with children.