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Club Chartering

4-H Club Chartering

The 4-H Club Name and Emblem are held in trust by the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture for the educational and character-building purposes of the 4-H program and can be used only as authorized by the statute and according to the authorization of the Secretary or designated representatives.

The USDA CRSEES has provided documentation acknowledging the WVU Extension as the entity which operates 4-H programs and provides authorization, guidance and sets policy for West Virginia 4-H groups. For protection of the 4-H program, each state is required to adopt chartering procedures to provide authorization to those who use the 4-H name and emblem.

Below is a list of the chartering requirement for 4-H community and special interest clubs. All 4-H Clubs must have:

  1. A regular meeting location, day and time
  2. A roster of members containing at least five (5) names
  3. A current set of by-laws or a constitution
  4. A complete list of current club officers
  5. Records of monthly club meeting minutes
  6. An annual club budget
  7. An annual plan listing club activities
  8. Signed codes of conduct from club volunteers and members
  9. Established money-handling procedures and accounts in keeping with financial management best practices
  10. A signed statement from the club leader that they have read and understood the regulations regarding use of the 4-H name and emblem
  11. Submitted club secretary and treasurer record books at the end of the 4-H year
  12. Club leaders who understand how to plan and conduct effective meetings, carry out appropriate club projects and programs, create approved club fundraisers, manage club funds and complete and submit all appropriate 4-H and club chartering paperwork.

All required 4-H chartering paperwork is due by December 1st.

For questions regarding the 4-H Chartering process, your club’s status or additional information on requirements, please contact your county WVU Extension office.

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