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Grant County 4-H

Grant County is a rural area with two high schools and three elementary schools. The needs of youth have been identified as being of high priority. Comparative data relating to these concerns include low per-capita income, high rate of children living in poverty, low high school graduation rates, low post-secondary education participation, teen pregnancy, and high unemployment.

By far, 4-H is the most known and visible Extension development program, best known for its 4-H clubs and summer 4-H camps. Extension also offers literacy and adult volunteer leadership programming related to 4-H and youth development. Regular 4-H membership is open to all youths age 9 through age 21.

Current programs include 4-H youth development with:

  • an enrollment of more than 250 youth in eight 4-H clubs
  • more than 30 adult volunteers who serve as leaders and mentors in youth programs
  • a Forestry Judging Team
  • a Poultry Judging Team
  • a Horse Judging Team
  • a Livestock Judging Team
  • school enrichment programs
  • two weeks of summer 4-H camp (Older and Younger Camp)
  • Potomac Highlands Horse Camp
  • a Cloverbud day for children age 5-8
  • a summer Energy Express site
  • Nutrition Education through the Family Nutrition Program’s Nutrition Outreach Instructor

Meeting the needs of youth is critical in educational programming. Involving older adults, young families, and youths in action learning is instrumental in developing infrastructure for sustaining families and communities.

The West Virginia 4-H Health Initiative increases the knowledge of health and motivates youths and their families to improve targeted everyday health behaviors. Trained youth 4-H Health Officers conduct hands-on health activities at monthly club meetings. Club members set monthly goals to improve health habits and track progress on a 4-H Health Planner. Families receive reinforcing take-home messages.

Grant County's 4-H Clubs Grant County 4-H Camps

Recent WV 4-H News

Application for National 4-H Congress and Conference

This application is for WV 4-H youth ages 14-19 wanting to attend National 4-H Congress in Atlanta (November 2023) or National 4-H Conference in Washington, D.C. (March/April 2024). Once your application is submitted a follow-up interview will be scheduled in June 2023.

17 people standing in two rows Deadline to submit your interview is midnight on Monday, May 15th, 2023. Youth accepted to attend Congress or Conference will be attending this event with pre-selected WVU Extension Chaperones. Youth will be attending on their own, family members and 4-H Volunteers will not be eligible to attend. There will be times during these National events when youth will be chaperoned by someone other than the WVU chaperones.

17 people standing in two rows

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Fall 2022 Regional 4-H Volunteer Training Opportunities

The words 4-H Volunteers and a 4-H clover surrounded by hands reaching out with hearts in the palms

There are 4-H volunteer training opportunities scheduled around the state from late August through early October. A meal and 4-H club ideas (with supplies!) will be provided to each participant.

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend these trainings to gain new skills and learn how to restart/start 4-H clubs. This session will provide grab 'n' go training resources and curriculum you can use in working within the 4-H youth program. The training will also focus on building relationships between 4-H volunteers and Extension educators. We are excited to come back together to learn, socialize and recognize our excellent volunteers that support our youth.

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Excellence in 4-H project work on display at the State Fair of West Virginia 2022

Adult taking a picture of a boy in a 4-H camp backdrop

The public is encouraged to picture themselves in 4-H this year at the State Fair of West Virginia. The stage has been set for kids of all ages to step into a 4-H club meeting or head off to 4-H camp at the 4-H exhibit in the Cecil Underwood Youth building. Thank you to Gold Ribbon poster winner, Hannah Beckner from Gilmer County for inspiring the exhibit theme this year.

Cornbread muffins, collections of leaves, creative 4-H clover displays, and handmade clothing garments and toolboxes line the display stands in the Cecil Underwood Youth Building at the as evidence of 4-H members’ hard work throughout the past year. People attending the State Fair of West Virginia can view these blue-ribbon 4-H project exhibits from August 11 through 20, 2022. Additionally, there are hundreds of exhibits online in the virtual state 4-H exhibit .

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