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Wirt County 4-H

What is 4-H? 

4-H is one of the largest youth development programs in the United States involving more than 6.5 million young people and 540,000 youth and adult volunteers. The focus is on helping youth learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills by participating in projects and service.

Membership is open to any youth when he/she is in at least 9 years of age and is not older than 21 within the current 4-H year, which runs from October 1 – September 30. The Cloverbud program is open to youths ages 5-7 years of age. On a local level 4-H offers community clubs, specialty clubs, cloverbud clubs, county camp(s), club outings, Achievement Banquet, and more! In 4-H youth socialize, learn, and develop life skills in a safe, educational atmosphere.

Studies show that 4-H members
  • do better in school
  • are more motivated to help others
  • feel safe to try new things
  • achieve a sense of self-esteem
  • develop lasting friendships

The Wirt County Extension Office invites children ages 9-21 to become a part of the 4-H family. There are five 4-H clubs in the county and interested parents or youth may call the office at 304-275-3101 to find a club near you. Join the fun!

Information About Wirt County 4-H

We hope you can join our 4-H program!  There is something for everyone here.  It all starts with joining one of our six community clubs that meet throughout the county.  

Find Wirt County 4-H Clubs

You can also find 4-H working with programs in school like National Youth Science Day, the Community Garden, and Family Involvement Nights. 

Wirt County 4-H Frequently Asked Questions

The Four Winds 4-H Newsletter

Wirt County 4-H Celebrates Achievements at Council Circle

On October 27, 2019, 4-H members, volunteers, and clubs were recognized for their achievements at an Open Council Circle held by the Wirt County 4-H Leaders' Association. 

Kerry Cottrell serves as an outstanding leader for both the kids in here ever-growing community club and the youth of Wirt County. Kerry works to grow her club membership year after year by encouraging her members to participate in contests and events, organize community service projects, develop friendships, and further grow the club. Kerry is known for her constant upbeat attitude and willingness to serve others. Under her leadership, the Morristown Mountaineers 4-H Club has become the largest club in Wirt County. Kerry also lends a helping hand with fundraising for the leaders’ association and organizing county events. 4-H Youths and Volunteers in Wirt County are fortunate to have such a dedicate leader.

Kelly Bordonada wears many different hats as she serves the Wirt County 4-H program. In her most involved role, she is the volunteer camp coordinator and spends over 200 hours each year assisting in planning, developing, and implementing Wirt County 4-H camp, which serves 65-95 youth annually. She also assists in leading the Wirt County 4-H Junior Leaders and helps advise and lead activities for the Wirt County 4-H Charting Group. Kelly is always careful to make sure youth voice is present and included in all of our programs.

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Wirt County 4-H Welcomes the New 4-H Year

4-H livestock exhibitors at the 2018 Wirt County Fair holding the WV 4-H flag.

Whether you're a returning family or new to 4-H, we are excited you are joining us for the 2019-20 4-H Year. Below are some important things to know. A 4-H Family Guidebook is also available from your club leaders or the County Extension Office that provide in-depth information on exhibiting at the Wirt County Fair, project books, and event information. If you have questions at any time, please reach out to your club leaders or the County Extension Office. You can reach the WVU-Wirt County Extension Office at 304-275-3101 or email Callie Daugherty, Wirt County Extension Agent, at

We encourage 4-H members to attend every meeting they can! To exhibit at the Wirt County Fair, a 4-H member must attend 6 club meetings or county activities. Your club may have attendance requirements for paying for camp or attending other events.

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Wirt County 4-H Gains Three New All Stars

Wirt County 4-H Volunteers are essential to making each 4-H member have a positive and safe educational experience.  While we often recognize the accomplishments of our youth, we don’t always take the time to recognize the work and dedication of our volunteers. The West Virginia 4-H All Stars organization recognizes the hard work of volunteers by awarding the highest honor in 4-H, the All Star pin.

On September 21, 2019, three deserving volunteers were recognized with this honor at the West Virginia 4-H Volunteer Leader’s Weekend.  The event took place at Jackson’s Mill, the state 4-H camp ground. Inductees were (pictured left to right) Kerry Cottrell, Mike Bumgarner, and Angie Smith.

Three Wirt County 4-H volunteers sit on Council Circle Rock at Jackson's Mill after being pinned. 

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