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Wirt County Fair

2020 Wirt County Fair Livestock Information

Below are the requirements and workshop information for different animal species to be shown at the Wirt County Fair in 2019. The Wirt County Fair will be held August 5-8, 2020. Weigh in for animals will be August 4, 2020 beginning at 4 p.m. Animals may not enter the barn until the WVDA inspector is there. Animals will be weighed once all animals check in. 

Market Steers

  • Minimum Weight - 900 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 1450 lbs.
  • Born On or After January 1 of the previous year
  • Owned by Exhibitor by November 1 of the previous year

Replacement Heifers and Feeder Steers

  • Minimum Weight - 300 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 650 lbs.
  • Born Between January 1 - March 15 
  • Owned by Exhibitor by June 1

Market Hogs

  • Minimum Weight - 200 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 300 lbs.
  • Born On or After January 1
  • Owned by Exhibitor by May 1 

Market Lambs

  • Minimum Weight - 100 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 150 lbs.
  • Born On or After January 1
  • Owned by Exhibitor by May 1

Market Goats

  • Minimum Weight - 55 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 110 lbs.
  • Born On or After January 1
  • Owned by Exhibitor by May 1

Market Rabbits

  • Minimum Weight - 3 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight - 6 lbs.
  • Age - Must be younger than 3 months old at the fair.
  • Owned by Exhibitor by June 1

Information for all Exhibitors

Four 4-H showmen exhibit pens of 3 market rabbits to a judge.
  • 4-H Exhibitors must attend at least six (6) club meetings / county events in order to show and sell as a 4-H member at the fair.
  • Minimum represent the weight animals must make to be eligible to compete in the 4-H and FFA market contest divisions and sell their animal.  Animals not meeting the minimum may still be exhibited in open divisions and in showmanship.
  • Maximum represents the highest possible weight an animal can be sold at.  Animals weighing over the maximum weight are not eligible for grand or reserve champion and will be sold at maximum weight.
  • All animals must comply with health regulations of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.
  • No animals may enter the barn before the designated weigh in time or without the presence of a WVDA inspector.

Open Exhibits Suspended for 2020

Until further notice, we will not be accepting any open exhibits except for poultry and rabbits. 4-H and FFA exhibitors may choose to exhibit their animal(s) that will be exhibited for market classes in open classes as well.  For example, an exhibitor may give another youth the opportunity to try showing a different species of animal that is already registered and tagged for the 4-H/FFA Show and Sale in an open class. 

Barn Cleanup

Barn Cleanup will be Saturday, August 1st from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. at Camp Barbe. We will be selling barn passes and handing out stall tags during this time.  You may only tag your stall once you arrive and you get them from John Workman beginning at 8:00 a.m. Any stall tags that are there before 8:00 a.m. or unofficial tags will be removed.  There will be a short exhibitor's meeting that morning as well. This is a mandatory meeting. 

Buyers' Passes

Buyer's passes will be mailed to all previous buyers who have registered with the fair office within the past five years. If you need buyer's passes for a new buyer, please contact the WVU Wirt County Extension Office at 304-275-3101.

Buyers' passes will be available after July 1st.

Wirt County Fair Still Exhibit Information

Still project exhibits at the 2018 Wirt County Fair in the vegetable category.

The Wirt County Fair has over 600 categories in everything from fruits and vegetables to artwork. For a full list of categories and classes, visit the Wirt County Fair website

Turning in Project Books

All project books are due three weeks prior to the fair on July 15, 2020. This includes record guides of animals not being shown at the livestock show and sale. Club officer books will be turned in at the end of the club year.

What is a complete project book and exhibit?

  • Complete projects usually have seven (7) completed activities if it is a multi-year book.  For more information on exactly how many activities to complete, please see your score sheet in your project book. If you choose to do any of the "More Challenges" activities in your book, write 3-5 sentences for each one, explaining what, when, where, and how you accomplished the activity.  Include this with your project for grading.
  • Record guides need to accompany any book involving animals. For livestock projects being exhibited at the fair, record guides should be turned in Saturday following the fair. For all other animal projects (horse, cat, dog, pet, dairy, etc.) record books should be turned in with the project book.
  • Activity records are due at the time you turn in your project book. The forms for these will be distributed in May and June. Activity records are with twenty (20) points towards your project completion.
  • Project exhibits are due on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 between 4 - 8 p.m. at Camp Barbe in the dining hall. Read the section below for more information.

Exhibiting 4-H Still Projects

4-H members need to complete an exhibit for each project book they are taking during the club year. The only exception is livestock projects and club officer project books. Livestock exhibitors DO NOT need to enter an exhibit in the dining hall only if they have another project for which they have completed an exhibit.

There are many different things you can do for a still project. Each score sheet, included with your project book, provides suggestions. 4-H members may choose to do any creative exhibit that represents there project. Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a model of an activity you have completed in your project book.
  • Create a scrapbook with pictures and descriptions of each activity you have completed during the year.
  • Create a poster with 6-10 pictures of things you've done related to your project over the year.

Be creative with your projects! As long as it is related to your project, it will be accepted. If you have questions regarding project completion or exhibits please contact your club leader or the WVU Wirt County Extension Office at 304-275-3101.