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Electricity 4-H Project Area

The electric energy series will energize and electrify you as you build burglar alarms; learn how to select a good stereo; and explore the magic of electric circuits, magnetism, motors and electronics. Each booklet contains activities for three years. Complete seven electricity achievement program activities each year; complete each level within three years; complete all steps of the planning guide learning experiences; and participate in at least two leadership experiences each year.

Magic of Electricity (Electricity 1) explores why certain things insulate from electricity better than others, the effect that magnetism has on various substances, how to build a flashlight, how to build and test a compass, and how to build an electromagnet and electric motor. Decoding circuit diagrams, sending messages by Morse code and building three-way switches are just a few of the challenges you will face in Investigating Electricity (Electricity 2).

In Investigating Electricity (Electricity 2), you will build circuits and test voltages, and build a rocket launcher and a burglar alarm as you practice decision-making and communication skills.

In Wired for Power (Electricity 3), you will learn to measure electrical usage, replace electrical switches, determine electrical loads, evaluate different light bulbs and test for electrical power.

Entering Electronics (Electricity 4) introduces the basics of solid-state electronics and provides hands-on activities that give you practical experience in understanding modern-day electronic equipment. You will explore LEDs and SCRs, transistors and the construction of an SCR intruder alarm; learn how a diode operates and how to assemble a circuit using a transistor; and build a “blinky” flasher and an amplifier. It is recommended that you complete Electricity 1, 2 and 3 before participating in this project.