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4-H Philosophy & Traditions Project Area

4-H members sitting in a room with a table that has the American flag and 4-H flag, a gavel, and notebook

This project provides an opportunity for older 4-H members or new leaders to learn more about the 4-H program, philosophy and traditions. It will help you learn everything you need to know to be a proud West Virginia 4-H member!

This project deals with basic 4-H program activities. Through puzzles, games and riddles, you will learn the history of 4-H, pledge, song and more.

What is needed to complete this project?

Complete two (2) activities from Chapters 1 through 9, for a total of 18 activities. Note that in Chapter 4, you must choose one activity from Section 1 and one activity from Section 2.One activity from Chapter 10 should be completed and exhibited with your project book. Additionally, you must share Your 4-H Photo Story at the end of the book to complete your project. Write in your selected activities and activity numbers in the spaces below.


Download a copy of the scoresheet to determine what is expected for project completion.

Exhibit Ideas

4-H exhibits at the State FairChapter 10 of the 4-H Philosophy & Traditions project goes into detail about project exhibits.
  • Complete one (1) of the three (3) activities in this chapter for your exhibit.
    • Exhibit Option 1: A 4-H Scrapbook: Paper, Multimedia or Electronic (p.58)
    • Exhibit Option 2: Clover Art (p. 58)
    • Exhibit Option 3: Your 4-H Résumé (p. 58-59)
    • Exhibit Option 4: Shoebox Picture Story (p.59)

How Do I Sign Up?

Screenshot of 4-H ZSuite enrollment page to select project
The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website.

Enroll in 4-H ZSuite

When you get to the CLUBS tab of the enrollment, you will want to ADD PROJECT.

For 4-H Philosophy & Traditions, you should search for:

Project Videos

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