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Strawbery 4-H Project Area

unpicked strawberry in strawberry garden

The 4-H Strawberry project area consists of two project manuals. Each manual covers one year of activities.

  • Strawberry Planting - You should be interested in working with strawberries for at least two years. The size of the planting is determined by you and a parent. A minimum of 25 plants is required for the first year.
  • Strawberry Harvesting - Harvest the berries from plants started in strawberry planting project the previous year. Records of labor, income and expenses are kept. If you want to enlarge the planting, you should enroll in strawberry planting, also.


There are not separate documents with the scoresheets for the WV 4-H Strawberry project series. The scoresheets are located inside the back cover of the project books.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Strawberry Planting Exhibit: Late August field score.

  • Strawberry Harvesting Exhibit: Four quarts of berries or as directed by your Extension agent.

  • Examples of Blue Ribbon Exhibits

How Do I Sign Up?

Screenshot of 4-H ZSuite enrollment page to select project

The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website.

Enroll in 4-H ZSuite

When you get to the CLUBS tab of the enrollment, you will want to ADD PROJECT.

For Strawberry growing, you should search for:


Project Videos

Coming soon!

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