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Fishing 4-H Project Area

The 4-H sportfishing materials will take you on a journey that ranges from the old-time favorites of developing angling skills and creating fishing tackle to aquatic education and the dynamics of people and fish (angling, fisheries management and folkways). Each booklet contains activities for three years. Complete six sportfishing achievement program activities each year; complete each level within three years; complete all steps of the planning guide learning experiences; and participate in at least three leadership experiences each year.

In Take the Bait (Sportfishing 1), you’ll have fun playing a fish, tying knots, casting to a target, rigging various lines, selecting tackle, identifying where the fish are, using different baits and lures, identifying fish, cooking fish, and identifying internal and external fish parts.

Reel in the Fun (Sportfishing 2) will help you locate fishing information on the web; cast using a spinning rod, fly rod and bait casting reel; practice responsible citizenship; research fishing regulations; decorate a lure; sew a fly wallet; tie an artificial fly; and test a water sample.

You will develop leadership skills and fishing skills in Cast into the Future (Sportfishing 3) as you take a friend fishing, demonstrate how to disassemble and reassemble a fishing reel, design and conduct a sportfishing skillathon, make artificial flies, design and craft a lure, customize tackle, build and use a kick net, respond to ethical situations and interview a professional fisherman.