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Woodworking 4-H Project Area

The woodworking series provides the opportunity to create and construct using wood and woodworking tools. From the basics of a tape measure and hammer to advanced equipment like routers and table saws, there is something for everyone. Each booklet contains activities for three years. Complete seven woodworking achievement program activities each year; complete each level within three years; complete all steps of the planning guide learning experiences; and participate in the required number of project leadership experiences each year.

In Measuring Up (Woodworking 1), you will develop the skills that woodworkers use, such as measuring, squaring and cutting a board, driving nails, and using clamps and screws. It is suggested that you begin with this guide to be grounded in the basics of woodworking.

Making the Cut (Woodworking 2) is for you if you have had experience using basic hand tools, such as a hammer, hand saw or drill. You will measure, cut, sand, drill, use advanced hand and power tools, apply paint, and use bolts and staples.

Nailing It Together (Woodworking 3) is for you if you are competent with hand tools and have used power tools. You will measure angles, cut dado and rabbet joints; use a circular saw, a table saw and a radial arm saw; smooth lumber with a hand planer; and learn to sand and stain wood.

Finishing Up (Woodworking 4) is for the wood craftsman who is competent with a table saw, radial arm saw, drill press and jig saw. You will use a router, portable planer and jointer; make a blind mortise and tenon joint; make dovetail joints; and experiment with adhesives and various chemical wood strippers.