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Leadership 4-H Project Area

Leadership Road Trip 4-H Project Book cover Learning to Lead 4-H project book cover

The 4-H Leadership project area consists of two project manuals that contain five years of activities.

  • Leadership Road Trip – Are you interested in learning what it takes to become a good leader? Begin your leadership adventure by answering questions about yourself and the people close to you by setting goals, by practicing communication and by making a commitment to lead. Intended for youths old enough to explore the nature of leadership. Complete this project manual in two years.
  • Learning to Lead – This book is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and give of yourself to help others. This project is designed to help you be a better leader through educational experiences, service and practice. The curriculum is designed for individuals who are ready to learn about leadership and begin to put this knowledge into action. Complete this project manual in three years.

If a member completes the five years of project manuals, they can work with their county Extension professionals to determine their learning opportunities for their remaining 4-H years.


Leadership Road Trip

  • Year 1: Complete Project Areas: Me, My Friends, and Others & Project Area: Which Way Do I Go? Take part in at least two (2) learning experiences and at least two (2) leadership/citizenship activities. Complete the 4-H Leadership Record Guide, a project review and project exhibit.
  • Year 2: Complete the Project Areas: Communication Station & Hitting the Road. Take part in at least two (2) learning experiences and at least two (2) leadership/citizenship activities. Complete the 4-H Leadership Record Guide, a project review and project exhibit.

Learning to Lead

  • This is a three-year project. Each year, you need to complete one activity from each of the first six (6) chapters – Leadership, Knowing Self, Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, Service. Create at least 2 SMART Goals each year in Chapter 7 – Plan of Action. Complete a 4-H Leadership Record Guide and create an exhibit.

Download a copy of the scoresheet to determine what is expected for project completion.

Record Guides

Youth who has selected a Leadership 4-H project complete a project record guide as part of the animal science project experience.

Paper Record Guide

Electronic Record Guide

Exhibit Ideas

  • A display of one of the leadership experiences or activities that you participated in this year.

How Do I Sign Up?

Screenshot of 4-H ZSuite enrollment page to select project

The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website.

Enroll in 4-H ZSuite

When you get to the CLUBS tab of the enrollment, you will want to ADD PROJECT.

For Leadership, you should search for:


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College & Career Pathways

Four people looking at a laptop

Organizational Leadership

WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Make a difference in your community. Learn the skills and knowledge you need to be a leader in the nonprofit, public or private sectors.


  • Chief Executives
  • Fundraisers
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Social and Community Service Managers
Organizational Leadership major information
Mentors and students interact at Fairdale Energy Express site in Raleigh County.

Youth and Family Science

WVU College of Education and Human Services

Looking for a career helping adolescents and families? This major prepares you for work in community agencies. Add a minor to customize your plan of study.


  • Social and Community Service Managers
Youth and Family Science major information
People sitting around a table with laptops open. One person standing and talking to the people at the table.


WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Management is flexible enough to be used in any industry, of any size. Add an area of emphasis (we have three to choose from) to enhance your degree and make yourself super-marketable.


  • Credit Analysts
  • Financial Managers, Branch or Department
  • First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Sales Managers
Management major information