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Forestry 4-H Project Area

The “Forests of Fun” curriculum opens the world of forests to youths. At every level, activities involve you in learning about trees, forests, forest ecology and human reliance on forests. Discover forest resources near home and around the world. Each booklet contains activities for three years. Complete six forestry achievement program activities each year; complete each level within three years; complete all steps of the planning guide learning experiences; and participate in the required project leadership experiences each year.

In Follow the Path (Forestry 1), explore different types of trees and tree parts, characteristics of different forests, what forests need to grow and thrive, and the different products people get from trees and forests.

Reach for the Canopy (Forestry 2) has you taking a closer look at the inner-workings of trees, exploring forest change, learning about forest health and discovering the health benefits trees have on people.

In Explore the Deep Woods (Forestry 3), you will examine and distinguish different types of trees, look at forests on a global scale, learn to care for trees and think about how to conserve forests.