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Small Engines 4-H Project Area

Lawn movers, snow blowers, personal water craft, go-carts, model airplanes and ATVs are just a few of the literally hundreds of machines powered by small engines. Each booklet in this series contains activities for three years. Complete seven small engines achievement program activities each year; complete each level within three years; and complete all steps of the planning guide learning experiences.

Crank It Up (Small Engines 1) helps you learn how an engine works, how you might earn some extra money with your small engine project and how to match the machine to the job.

Warm It Up (Small Engines 2) focuses on types of engines, engine parts, specialty tools and types of lubrication.

In Tune It Up (Small Engines 3), you will tear down and rebuild engines and learn skills that will help you get a job, communicate with professionals and customers, and troubleshoot.