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4-H Charting Program

The West Virginia 4-H Charting Program is a personal development program for youth in ninth grade or above. The fourfold development of Head, Hands, Heart, and Health was outlined in the 4-H Chart by W.H. Kendrick between 1916 and 1920. In the early days, 4-H Charting involved passing tests and doing work to earn each of the four Hs separately. The 4-H Charting process was not complete until all four Hs had been earned. Although there have been many changes in the 4-H Charting program over the years, the goals have remained the same: to encourage 4-H’ers to see themselves as they are and to help them plan their personal goals.

Topics in the 4-H Charting book include:

  • Self-Understanding
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Where Am I Going?

Goals of the Program

  • Charting is designed to be an individual program of self-understanding.
  • Charting offers a chance to know oneself and others better and to examine issues that are important.
  • The materials the 4-H members receive are intended to challenge their thinking and make them consider their position on a wide variety of personal issues.
  • Through Charting many people strengthen old friendships and make new ones that will last for years.
  • The group of 4-H’ers that a person Charts with, along with the instructor, provides a safe place to share questions, concerns, and successes.
  • The goals of the Charting program are reached by thoughtfully filling out the Charting book, participating in Charting classes, and being interviewed by an agent and/or Charting instructor.

The 4-H Charting Pin Requirements

Two 4-H members posing with a 4-H professional after receiving their 4-H Charting PinBelow are the requirements set forth in the Charting book. The majority of 4-H’ers choose to complete the 4-H pin requirements through a Charting class at county 4-H camp (see option 4a below). However, that is not the only option to successfully complete the Charting program.

The 4-H pin may be granted to 4-H members whose 4-H and other life experiences have contributed greatly to their personal development and who have met the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Have completed the 10th grade.
  2. Have completed two years of 4-H membership (this may include the year of involvement in the Charting program).
  3. Have completed the 4-H Charting book as an honest reflection of themselves. The 4-H Chart must be completed before camp or when required by the county.
  4. Have participated in at least one of the following:
    1. A Charting class at county 4-H camp, including a planned interview conducted by the Charting instructor;
    2. A weekend Charting camp, plus a planned interview conducted (or arranged) by the county extension agent;
    3. At least three Charting sessions conducted by the county extension agent, plus a planned interview conducted (or arranged) by the county extension agent.

Variations from these requirements must be submitted in writing to the State Charting Committee for approval.

Recognition & Scholarship

In addition to growing as an individual through 4-H Charting experience, members who successfully complete 4-H Charting and earn their pin have opportunities for higher recognition and scholarship. 

The West Virginia 4-H All Star award is the highest honor that a West Virginia 4-H member or volunteer can achieve in the West Virginia 4-H program. For a 4-H member to be nominated for the West Virginia 4-H All Stars, they must earn a 4-H Charting pin, along with other nomination requirements.

4-H members who earn a 4-H Charting Pin and wish to study on one of  West Virginia University 's campuses (Beckley, Keyser, or Morgantown) become eligible for the WVU Leadership Scholarship.  The WVU Leadership Scholarship is valued at $500 per academic year.  For consideration, students must be incoming freshmen who have a high school GPA of at least 3.0. The deadline for consideration is June 1 for the upcoming academic year.

How Do I Sign Up?

Screenshot of 4-H ZSuite enrollment page to select project

The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website.

Enroll in 4-H ZSuite
When you get to the CLUBS tab of the enrollment, you will want to ADD PROJECT.

For Charting, you should search for:


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