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Cat 4-H Project Area

The 4-H Cat project area consists of three project manuals. Each manual contains activities for three years.

Four 4-H Cat Project Manuals from Shop4H
  • Purr-fect Pals (Cat 1) includes cat selection, breed identification, body parts identification, handling, grooming and showing, home hazards, budgeting, identifying parasites, controlling fleas and spraying.

  • Climbing Up! (Cat 2) features breeds, cat senses, shows, tricks, signs of illness and health, cat sounds, emergency situations, feeding, special diets and traveling with a cat.

  • In Leaping Forward (Cat 3) , you will explore veterinary procedures, body systems, diseases, reproduction, genetics, older cats’ needs, behavior, showmanship, community laws, animal welfare and personal strengths.

If a member completes the 9 years of project manuals, they can work with their county Extension professionals to determine their learning opportunities for their remaining 4-H years.


Each year, 4-H members should complete 7 activities in the project manual as well as the planning pages at the beginning of the manual.

There are not separate documents with the scoresheets for the cat project series. The scoresheet can be located inside the Cat Record Guides on page 13.

Record Guides

Youth who has selected a Cat 4-H project typically are raising a cat as part of their project work. A project record guide is part of the animal science project experience.

Paper Record Guide

Electronic Record Guide

Cat-less Cat Project

If you enrolled in this project area without an animal, check with your local Extension professional for approval and guidelines.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Many youth in this project area will exhibit an animal at a 4-H pet show.

  • Poster, Story, and/or Model on one of the following topics: cat breeds, training and showing cats, safety and management of cats, or how to have a healthy cat.

  • Examples of Blue Ribbon Exhibits

How Do I Sign Up?

Screenshot of 4-H ZSuite enrollment page to select project

The first step is to create an enrollment in our ZSuite website.

Enroll in 4-H ZSuite

When you get to the CLUBS tab of the enrollment, you will want to ADD PROJECT.

For Cat, you should search for:


Project Videos

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College & Career Pathways

Vet showing students how to examine a dog


WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

The bachelor of science program in Animal and Nutritional Sciences, is designed to provide students with the academic requirements for entry into professional schools or colleges of veterinary medicine.


  • Veterinarian
  • Medical Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Medical research
Pre-Veterinary Major Information