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Wayne County 4-H News

Newly Inducted into the WV 4-H All Stars

Please help us congratulate these individuals from Wayne County who were inducted in the WV 4-H All Stars on Saturday September 26. Zara Harold and Chase Smith are accomplished 4-H members and Cathy Smith is a great asset to the 4-H Shooting Sports program. The WV 4-H All Stars recognize outstanding leadership and service to the 4-H program. For more information, please contact the Wayne County office at 304-272-6839.

Senior Salute - Zara Harold 2020

Travels to Kenya for International Travel 4-H Club

The International Travel 4-H Club "traveled" to Kenya earlier this week to learn about this amazing African country. Club participants studied about the country learning interesting facts for a game of Kahoot. They also made some delicious dishes at home that include Kenyan crepes (thin pancakes), coconut sweet potato pudding, Kenyan donuts, and a chicken curry. Next month the club will "travel" to Belgium. If your child is interested in joining us virtually, please call the Wayne County office at 304-272-6839.

Marah Christian with Kenyan Donuts

Wayne County Fall Cheese Fundraiser

The Wayne County 4-H Leaders will be holding their bi-annual cheese fundraiser this fall. There are some notable changes given the pandemic, as per the company we work with, that include the following:

The Wayne County 4-H Leaders will retain a 25% commission on all orders. This fundraiser helps support youth scholarships for 4-H state and national events.