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Wayne County 4-H News

Wayne County Represented at Alpha II

Alpha II Wayne County

Several Wayne County 4-H members attended Alpha II, a state 4-H Camp this month. They include (L-R): Ethan Cade, Zoe Harold, and Zara Harold. State 4-H Camps offer great opportunities to learn new skills, new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Wayne County Youth Attend Alpha I

Several Wayne County 4-H youth that attended Alpha I state 4-H Camp the week of July 9 at WVU Jackson's Mill in Weston. The youth who participated include (back row, l-r): Alex Hall, Ethan Napier, Erin Ferry, Zane Smith, Loren Hall, Cameron Cade, Chase Smith, Hunter Donahoe, and Benjy Chute. In the front row (l-r): Abigail Kincaide, Jade Stewart, Sarah Ferry, Zoe Harold, and Zara Harold Missing from the photo are Elijah Simms, Jayson Vanhoose, JoJo Vanhoose. These teens had an amazing week learning new things and making memories to last a lifetime. 

Wayne County teens pose for a photo outside

Fourth & Final 4-H Summer Educational Tour

The Wayne County 4-H Program held their fourth and final 4-H Summer Educational tour at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, a monastic community of Orthodox Christians. Youth learned how the 26 monks make soap, incense, raise goats, bees (for honey), and keep a garden to support their monastic lifestyle.

Monastery Wayne County

Highlights from the Open Horse Show

The Wayne County Fair Open Horse Show was held July 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m at the Shirley Burgess Park just north of Wayne. Below are a few highlights from the event.

High Point Rider

4-H Youth Complete Community Art Project

At 4-H Camp this year, youth had the opportunity to decorate a tongue depressor stick. In turn, the Wayne County 4-H Ambassadors took those decorated sticks and created a design on a green canvas. This work of art will be hung at a business, agency or organization in Wayne County (this has yet to be determined). If you know of anyone who would be interested in having this adorn their place of work or their business, please contact our office at 304-272-6839. Many thanks to Phyllis Brumfield for the idea and for making the green canvas. 

teenagers decorate tongue depressor sticks

Ambassadors Entertain Local Nursing Home Residents

The Wayne County 4-H Ambassadors visited the Wayne Nursing Home on Monday July 23. The team entertained residents with several folk dancing demonstrations as well as performing several songs on their banjo, fiddle and mandolin. To learn more about the Wayne County 4-H Program and opportunities for teens, please contact our office at 304-272-6839.

group of teens hold a flying WV and 4-H clover flag as well as musical instruments as they entertain the elderly audience

Rabbit Showmanship Clinic Held Prior to the Fair

A rabbit showmanship clinic was held Thursday, July 12 at the Extension Office. Participants (l-r): Duke Parsley, Jonah Mitchell and Josie Parsley learned how to handle their rabbit, how to pose their rabbit as well as reviewed conformation and parts of the rabbit in preparation for the Wayne County Fair 4-H Livestock Show that will be held August 2 at 6 p.m., at Camden Park.

Rabbit Showmanship Clinic 2018

Summer Tours Continue... to Allevard Sogefi

On Tuesday, July 10, the Wayne County 4-H Program participated in a tour of the Italian manufacturing plant Allevard Sogefi, located in Prichard. The plant makes 1.5 million car engine filters each year plus several other items. 4-H members got to see behind the scenes on how car engine filters are made, along how they are packaged and shipped to Walmart stores as nearby as Louisa, Kentucky and Wayne, West Virginia. This manufacturing plant has 400 employees and its headquarters in located in France. The next summer tour will be to Rustic Ravines in Genoa next Tuesday afternoon. Next Tuesday, the Wayne County 4-H Program will travel to Rustic Ravines, a new outdoor facility located in Genoa.

Youth that participated in the tour include (l-r): Conner Hall, Addy Smith, Elijah Parsley, Josie Parsley, Benton Hall, Duke Parsley, and Brenna Barnett.

4-H Summer Education Tours Kick Off with Visit to Marshall University

Today we kicked off our 4-H Summer Educational Tour with a visit to Marshall University. 4-H members learned about this historic center for higher education for the greater Huntington area. Wayne County 4-H members stand in front of the Memorial Fountain which is a memorial to the 75 lives lost during the November 14, 1970, plane crash that carried members of the football team, coaches and others of Marshall University back from a football game. The 4-H members include (l-r): Duke Parsley, Josie Parsley, Addy Smith, Betty Jane Parsley, Jack Adkins, Conner Hall, Tate Adkins, Lilly Adkins, Benton Hall and Elijah Parsley. Next Tuesday, the Wayne County 4-H Program will continue its 4-H Summer Educational Tour series with a visit to Allevard Sogefi, an international manufacturing plant in Wayne County!

Wayne County 4-H MU Tour 2018