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Travels to Kenya for International Travel 4-H Club

The International Travel 4-H Club "traveled" to Kenya earlier this week to learn about this amazing African country. Club participants studied about the country learning interesting facts for a game of Kahoot. They also made some delicious dishes at home that include Kenyan crepes (thin pancakes), coconut sweet potato pudding, Kenyan donuts, and a chicken curry. Next month the club will "travel" to Belgium. If your child is interested in joining us virtually, please call the Wayne County office at 304-272-6839.

Marah Christian with Kenyan Donuts

Marah Christian with her Kenyan Donuts

Conner Hall with Kenyan Chicken Curry

Conner Hall with his chicken curry.

Benton Hall with Coconut Sweet Potato Pudding

Benton Hall with his coconut sweet potato pudding.

Danielle Adkins with Kenyan Crepes

Danielle Adkins with her Kenyan crepes (thin pancakes).